" 晴れの日は晴れをたのしみ、雨の日は雨をたのしむ。 曇っていたら、それはそれでたのしい。" をコンセプトにこどもたちの出会いや発見をユーモラスにmixして提案。 こどもを「育てる」でなく、こども自身の「育つちから」に目を向けて見守りたいと思っています。 "enjoy the sun when there is sunshine. enjoy the rain when it is pouring. even when it is cloudy, it is still an enjoyable day." Our brand designs and proposes what our children encounter or discover through their daily life with a touch of humor. By focusing on children’s “growing power” rather than focusing on “growing them,” we would like to embrace children’s attitude just as they are.